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The B&M App has a barcode scanner feature which enables you to price check every item in store, by simply scanning the barcode of the product with your phone you can see the price current price of the item! As B&M has 1000’s of items the barcode scanner app works great for seasonal and end of lines which have been reduced but not yet marked down on display.

  1. The app is available to download for FREE from both the Google Play & Apple Store.
  2. Once downloaded onto your mobile device, open the app.
  3. You will be given the option to register, sign-in or skip. For the purposes of using the Barcode Scanner Press Skip.
  4. Along the bottom of the app, you will see several options with the final option displaying MORE.
  5. Scan The Item Barcode, It will show the item price and Reduced Price if the item has been discounted further! Happy Bargain Hunting!

Please note to use the Barcode Scanner you do need to use your mobile data!

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