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How To Save Money At Burger King Using The Burger King App!

Burger King can be a slightly pricer compared to other fast food chains, however by using their dedicated app you can pick and choose offers available making certain items much cheaper than priced up on visual within the restaurant.

The image shows 3 items for a total of £3.49!  (£1.99 Chicken Royale, 49p fries, and 6 nuggets at 99p!)

How It Works

  1. Download the Burger King App (GooglePlay / Apple)
  2. Register/Create an account
  3. Once Logged In Click Vouchers on the bottom menu.
  4. You will be then be able to choose a deal, this will then open a window with a code and time period in order to claim.
  5. You must order within this time period and show the member of staff, who will discount the item for!
  6. From our experience you can order multiple deals at the same time without any issues.
  7. Enjoy your Burger King!

It’s important to note that these offers may not be available at all stores, service stations, airports etc maybe excluded.