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Burger King Scrap Plastic Toys From Kids Meals Whilst Mcdonald’s Have Made Them Optional!

With the increased awareness to reduced plastic waste it has been announced by Burger King that they will no longer include plastic toys with their Kids Meals!

Whilst McDonald’s haven’t scrapped the popular Happy Meal Toy yet, they will be providing children with the option to swap the toy for a bag of fruit instead. In future the option of a book will be an additional option.

The move comes from petition organised by Ella, aged nine, and Caitlin McEwan who created a campaign called “Save the environment – Stop giving plastic toys with fast food kids meals” which raised over 500,000 signatures!

“We like to go to eat at Burger King and McDonald’s, but children only play with the plastic toys they give us for a few minutes before they get thrown away and harm animals and pollute the sea. We want anything they give to us to be sustainable so we can protect the planet for us and for future generations.”

Burger King are also asking for old toys to be returned which will then be recycled into creating new play equipment. Bins will be installed in stores for toys to be returned.

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